Silicon Halton Meetup #5: Telemetry and Monitoring

The Technology Behind The Weather Meetup Series
Please enjoy the recap of Session #5 of the Pelmorex & Silicon Halton Meetup Series, where we explore the Technology Behind the Weather.

In this session, you will learn how to give your users the best possible experience. If getting to the next level of quality is an obsession for you then you have probably used all the tools your IDE provides, you have made sure your app is properly tested from the unit to end-to-end and you pay close attention to crash reports and other external tools. Is that enough? What else can you do? Enter Telemetry! Telemetry will help you understand how your software behaves on your user’s machine. It will give you visibility into the behaviour and interactions of your software in the real world and it will alert you of any problems.

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